Quick Tip

Eat real food! 

Sounds simple enough, right? ¬†Well, it’s not that easy in America today. Everything we eat has been changed from its original form (READ: processed). But you know you can do better – at least with a lot of what you eat.

Eating foods that are in their original form means you’re not getting a lot of unnecessary and potentially harmful ingredients. Food science helps create shelf-stable foods that can be easily prepared and are quite tasty. You can do the same by spending some of your busy time prepping the real foods (read: vegetables and fruits) and putting them into glass containers. This makes them ready to combine into delicious meals. You can also cook healthy rice (not white), grains, legumes, and beans in larger quantities and store in the fridge (for a week or so) or the freezer (for much longer). A little planning goes a long way with real food.

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