005 The Mind-Body Connection

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The mind and body interact often and hold each other accountable for multiple, daily decisions that collectively affect our overall healthy and well-being. The effects of stress on our physical and emotional health are well-documented in the literature.

In fact, cumulative childhood stress often results in physical manifestations of disease (including autoimmune conditions, cardiovascular outcomes, and cancer to name a few) many years later.

Though our emotional health is a byproduct of these sometimes repetitive and unfortunate insults during formative years, misidentification and lack of adequate knowledge frequently allows for an unnecessarily long and winding road.

Misdiagnosis & trauma

As a physician,  I’m amazed at just how many people I see who tell me they’re diagnosed with “schizophrenia” who have severe, unresolved trauma sustained via “adverse childhood experiences” (ACEs) – and are simply misdiagnosed. Wherein a “stigma” exists for many, so does an incorrect diagnosis, (for many reasons);  an incorrect treatment (polypharmacy) only serves to propagate a dysfunctional mental “health” system. The solution is… at its heart.. to correctly identify the sequelae of these unfortunate events with proper tools, early, and link with appropriate therapeutic modalities that work.


I invite you to read the landmark “ACE study” which, I believe, opens the door to psychiatric destigmatization and ideally links many to proper treatment.

Here’s a starting point that hopefully will help get you started on a better road to recovery:

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The ACE Study

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