Roots Well is a project started by John Thomas Paruch, MD, an American doc, who would like would like to shift the focus of modern medicine toward a different approach-one that puts at the forefront an individual’s lifestyle and how he or she lives on a day to day basis.

John Thomas Paruch, MD, is a physician with a vision to facilitate change across the landscape of healthcare delivery in modern America.

His principle beliefs rely on the concept lifestyle modification and transition to wellness.

A healthy life… Roots Well. Help grow your roots with daily healthy life choices.

He believes that one’s focus needs to create a solid footing atop 4 pillars:

Sleep – Movement – Nutrition – Connectedness


In order to change, one must have the desire to do so.

Change must beĀ inspired by something you find valuable.

Your values are formulated early in life and shaped by your experiences.

You may have to identify those things you consider valuable.

The cumulative set of your values creates and the sub culture of your family provides an implied, guiding script of your life.

Your “lifescript” is not written in stone.

You have to believe that you can change your own lifescript.

Your focus has to occur daily.

You must carefully examine what you are doing now.

You must develop a plan.

You must revise your plan daily and often.

Anticipate setbacks and the need for revision of your plan.

Assuming that relapses and setbacks will occur, create insightful ways in advance to prevent permanent failure.

Setbacks and relapses include daily, monthly, and yearly failures. Each presents a unique challenge.

Setbacks include injuries, events, changes in habit (vacations), and other things that interfere with your habits.

You must set attainable goals – short, mid, and long-range.

You must change the gauge on your activity level. If you live a life that is sedentary, you must turn up the dial everso slightly so that you make small changes.

Nothing great ever comes without challenge. Remind yourself that you must be inspired daily by obvious and inspiring words, photos, people, etc.

If you believe that you could benefit from being inspired to change, take the first step to see what others are doing.

If you want to know how I came to hold these beliefs, read “my story”.