John Thomas Paruch, MD – on LinkedIN

My name is John Thomas Paruch. I’m an American physician who completed a combined Internal Medicine and Psychiatry residency at the Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina.

I consider myself to be an “integrative, lifestyle physician”. My approach to health and well-being focuses on the whole person considering all those complexities that make each one of us uniquely human.

I’m a big thinker, always thinking about something, usually something relatively esoteric and overall misunderstood. Where life and medicine intersect, there is often an overly zealous assumption that pills create solutions. However, at this intersection, for those who choose to take the time (and make a commitment), there is a different and more lasting solution to the run of the mill ills.

I’d like to lead you to that intersection and show you how you take the more difficult yet permanent road. Your health and well-being is more in your hands (for many, not all), than you may realize.

I’ll teach you about the science, how to know what has solid evidence, and give you the tools to become empowered to make changes in your health trajectory that you never considered possible.

I hope to give you several options for learning and support-a podcast with tips and interviews of leading people, a forum to commiserate about the pros and cons of lifestyle modification, and some thoughts by me about things that are likely esoteric.

I’d recommend starting by getting connected on my forums. Click here to register and get started learning to live better.