I got married and went to medical school at the age of 30. At that time in my life, I was in good health. I did not have any medical problems. Four years later, I started residency training in Combined Internal Medicine-Psychiatry. As an adult learner – who was married and had a toddler – I wanted to make sure that I passed my clinical rotations. Residency training requires a hug time commitment – as well as extensive reading and study at home. Hours are long and time dedicated to yourself means sacrifice of family. Bad habits quickly became lifestyle dysfunction which was complicated by sleep deprivation and subsequent chronic fatigue, and this contributed to further problems with lack of energy to be active. Food choices were driven by convenience and situation. Most of the time, the easiest shortest route was pizza and French fries. Something about the grease, carbs (read: sugar), and salt always seemed to hit the spot. I went from under 200 lbs to 245 lbs – which when I hear myself say that to myself now I think, “I would have never believed that would be me when I was active, fit, and playing soccer (and other sports).

It has been a long road getting back to where I was prior to medical school.  The journey has not been an easy one–though the result is well worth the effort.  If you would like to learn how to improve your life in a similar manner, start by checking out the Wellness forum.