Take a look around and see what others seem to be doing when they are eating. Do they eat “mindfully” – taking and savoring their food – bite by bite? Or do they swallow it whole without any consideration for the taste, texture, or flavor? How many times do you chew with each bite? Have you tried counting to, let’s say, 20 for each bite you take?

As a physician, I struggle with time – specifically, having enough of it. I know this isn’t unique to any other American, though I probably spend more time than average thinking about how to contain the amount of time wasted. Shortcuts can easily become habit which easily evolve into impatience.

While I don’t have the exact answers on how to live better, I know that mindfulness wins nearly every time. How can we do that in our modern world? These are the struggles of modernity.

I learn every day from my patients – who teach me how to – and how not to – live. I usually take what they say or do, research the scientific literature, and then try to find applications for healthier living.

What can you teach me?

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